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Quantantined Cabaret exploded on the scene in mid-March and has developed a huge number of members from around the world in a very short time. Some folks just enjoy the distraction, but many have enthusiastically embraced the luxury of having time on their hands to be creative. QCab recognizes these imaginative people and applauds them for their outstanding performances. Enjoy!

Tango Maureen (COVID-19 Parody)

Samantha Padilla

From the musical, Rent

Hot Honey Rag Dance

Dominic Pecikonis

From the musical, Chicago

Part of Your World (COVID-19 Parody)

Lynsey Hale

From the musical, Little Mermaid

Bring Him Home

Blake Ellege

From the musical, Les Miserables

Rag Mop Dance

Muriel Fashion

Cups (COVID-19 Parody)

Mattie Davis

From the movie, Pitch Perfect


Lauren Lohneis

From the band, Toto

I'll Cover You

Michael McCray

From the musical, RENT

Belle (Mom & Daughter Duet!)


From the musical, Beauty & the Beast

So Long, Farewell

Kristin Riney

From the musical, Sound of Music

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